Repeal the Unfair and Costly Car and Gas Tax Hikes

There are two simple reasons why we should repeal the gas and car tax hikes:

1) it costs you a lot more than you think – the tax hike costs the typical family of four $779.28 more per year in taxes

2) it won’t fix our roads – this is a blank check tax hike that has already been diverted away from road repairs.

Latest News

Yes on Prop 6 Campaign Vows to Recall Attorney General Xavier Becerra Over False and Misleading Ballot Title on Prop 6 – Gas Tax Repeal Initiative

Backers Successfully Recalled State Senator Josh Newman from Office – Will Use Recall to Punish AG for Misleading Ballot Deception on Gas Tax Repeal if Prop 6 Fails “If you steal our gas tax funds and then steal our votes by lying to us on our election ballots when we seek to repeal the tax, we will RECALL you from office!” That’s the threat issued...

Day 5 Update: Yes on 6 Gas Tax Repeal Bus Tour

Day 5 Update: Yes on 6 Gas Tax Repeal Bus Tour

The Yes on 6 Gas Tax Repeal bus tour continues through northern California on the fifth day of rallies and events, with fantastic turnouts at every stop! The response at each stop has been nothing short of fantastic — full of people who are excited to share the message that there is an error on your ballot, and that Yes on Prop 6 is the...

Statewide Yes on 6 “Rush Hour Rally” Bus Tour Kicks Off in San Diego

Statewide Yes on 6 “Rush Hour Rally” Bus Tour Kicks Off in San Diego

With the election just weeks away, the Yes on Prop 6 Gas Tax Repeal Campaign hit the road with a massive 45-foot bus wrapped in its campaign colors to hold “Rush Hour Rallies” with several thousand supporters at each stop along the tour. Motorists will receive free Yes on 6 Lawn Signs and materials as they drive by, and the Yes on Prop 6 campaign...

We want to repeal the Gas Tax because...

“I’m already struggling with the cost of living in California and this makes it worse.”
–Angie Jaramillo, Democrat

“This tax is a giant act of fraud. The bill they passed prohibits any new lanes on freeways!”
–Alban Mills, independent

“The politicians always steal the money and the roads never get fixed – even my dog knows that.”
–William Del Pilar, Republican

“I drive Uber and the politicians just cut my pay with these taxes.”
–Lewis Fernandez, independent