Day 5 Update: Yes on 6 Gas Tax Repeal Bus Tour

Day 5 Update: Yes on 6 Gas Tax Repeal Bus Tour

The Yes on 6 Gas Tax Repeal bus tour continues through northern California on the fifth day of rallies and events, with fantastic turnouts at every stop!

The response at each stop has been nothing short of fantastic — full of people who are excited to share the message that there is an error on your ballot, and that Yes on Prop 6 is the Gas Tax Repeal!

Day 1: San Diego

Day 1: Pasadena

Day 2: Burbank

Day 2: Long Beach

Day 2: Corona

Day 3: Indio

Day 3: Victorville

Day 3: Lancaster

Day 5: Camarillo

Day 5: Atascadero

Day 5: Monterey

We’ve got more stops along the way with a major event in Sacramento on Monday night, and heading back down the central valley through the end of the week. To find out where we’ll be next, find an event in your neighborhood and bring your family and friends and urge them to vote Yes on Prop 6 to Repeal the Gas Tax!