Los Angeles Fundraiser – Yes on 6 – Gas Tax Repeal Campaign

The Gas and Car Tax Hikes will cost you more than $700 a year!  Fortunately, you can save all that money – but we need your support for the Gas Tax Repeal Campaign!

Please attend this important fundraiser so we can repeal the car and gas tax hikes.

The Gas Tax Repeal Campaign is funded entirely by individual grassroots donors like you. The average contribution so far has been just $37 – but with over 25,000 individual contributors and growing, we’ve raised the millions needed to qualify this issue for a public vote this November.

Now we need to raise funds to make sure the vote goes our way – in favor of the repeal of these costly gas and car taxes!

Please contribute whatever you can – even if you can’t attend the event itself.  In addition, please urge your friends to contribute and attend.

Register and/or contribute today at this link – and share with your friends so they support the repeal campaign too!

Redondo Beach, CA
Address Provided Upon Registration