Judge Steven Bailey and Yes on Prop 6 Campaign Call for Resignation of Caltrans Director

Judge Steven Bailey and Yes on Prop 6 Campaign Call for Resignation of Caltrans Director

Caltrans Director Laurie Berman’s Reaction to Criminal Violation of Caltrans Work Crew Shows Dishonesty or Ignorance of the Law

After a Caltrans work crew was caught campaigning on the taxpayers’ dime against Yes on 6 – the Gas Tax Repeal during road construction on a highway road, Judge Steven Bailey (Ret.) and the Yes on 6 – Gas Tax Repeal campaign is calling for Caltrans’ director to step down.

When dozens of Yes on 6 supporters experienced and documented the work crew’s blatant disregard for the law first-hand on Tuesday, Berman’s response to the media was clear that she’s ignorant about what this means – or simply doesn’t care – when she said “these individuals were private contractors and not Caltrans employees.” Unfortunately for Berman, the law is crystal clear.

“State law is clear and unambiguous, declaring that it is unlawful for any government employee, contractor, or consultant to use public resources – including contractors – to engage in campaign activity, but it appears another of the Governor’s appointees does not believe the law applies to their agency,” said Judge Steven Bailey (ret.), candidate for California Attorney General and a respected legal mind. “Laurie Berman has clearly demonstrated her inability to control Caltrans contractors who have been caught red-handed violating the law. If Laurie Berman cannot hold her own agency accountable, she must resign. It is time for accountability in Sacramento,” he concluded.

“There is absolutely no grey area here – Caltrans is caught in blatant violation of California law that prohibits the use of taxpayer funds for campaign activities or advocacy,” declared Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Yes on Prop 6 Gas Tax Repeal Initiative. “This proves once again that Caltrans simply cannot be trusted to do what is right with our gas tax funds – they literally are using gas tax funds to support the distribution of campaign materials to raise the gas tax on working families,” DeMaio noted. “It’s time for her to step down,” he concluded.

Background: Caltrans contractors accused of distributing flyers urging ‘no’ vote on gas tax repeal (San Diego Union Tribune)