1. It Costs You A Lot! The typical family of four will pay $779.28 more per year in higher taxes. That’s a crushing blow to most family budgets at a time when the cost of living in California is already skyrocketing higher! Read the full report
  2. It’s a Blank Check Without Accountability: Not a single sentence in the gas and car tax measure requires that a single cent be spent on road repairs or maintenance. The politicians can spend the money any way they want.
  3. The Gas Tax Keeps Going Up! The politicians have inserted automatic tax hikes into this measure. By 2021 Californians will be paying close to $2 more a gallon extra because of taxes, fees and other government mandates – that’s $40 extra each time you fill up your car.
  4. The Waste is Staggering: California is so wasteful with our infrastructure funds that we get far less for our funds than other states. The Reason Foundation report shows for every $1 spent in the other 49 states to maintain one mile of highway California state government spends $4.7 for the same mile – that’s a 470% cost inefficiency factor.
  5. Beware of Deceptive Promises: The politicians are using taxpayer money to run their campaign opposing the repeal of the gas tax. They are planting stories in the media touting the number of road projects they promise to do if you vote against the repeal. Those projects 1) represent only a fraction of the gas tax hike 2) can be 100% funded by existing gas tax revenues and 3) are simply promises during a campaign that will likely be broken after election day.
  6. There’s a Better Way: Taxpayer advocates have offered an alternative solution to fix our roads without a tax hike – the Road Repair Accountability Initiative – and voters will get a chance to vote on that in the next election once the gas tax hike is repealed.