Interested in helping the Yes on 6 – Gas Tax Repeal campaign?

No matter how much you time you can commit to ensuring we win, we love having your support! Below are a few of the ways you can help between now and November. Sign up using one of the links below, or email us at [email protected] for more information.

Gas Station Outreach Program

The best place to reach our target voters is at GAS STATIONS of course! We need volunteers to approach the busiest gas stations in your area to have them agree to have Yes on Prop 6 materials on display at their counter, on their pumps, next to their price signs, etc. We need volunteers to ASK the stations to participate. Then we need volunteers to help “decorate” the stations with the Prop 6 materials. Finally, we will be holding events at gas stations for sign-waving and handing out Yes on Prop 6 materials. Can you do some or all of these simple things? Please – we need your help so sign up!
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Walk Your Neighborhood with Door-Hangers

Help us spread the word for Yes on 6 in your neighborhood. We will give you a list and door hangers to use! It’s simple, and you’ll meet your neighbors.
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Phone/Text/Email Voters From Home

Help inform voters about Yes on 6 by phone and text. We need hundreds of volunteers to make phone calls through a calling app on their mobile device. We will be providing you with a script and a phone list.
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Write Letters to Newspapers

We are hitting every local newspaper statewide with information on Prop 6. We will provide you with facts and talking points for your article, and send you examples of Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor.
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Attend a Rally

We are holding rallies statewide in mid- to late October and will need volunteers to help set up, work a booth, pass out lawn signs, and assist the campaign staff.
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Suggest Local Events (or Cover a Booth) at an Event

Know of an event or street fair in your area? We are looking for events that we could get the “Yes on Prop 6” information out. These events can be car shows, county fairs, farming event, swap meets and more. Search your local papers, websites, Facebook events — and please sign up if you are interested in being an event captain for your area.
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Volunteer at Campaign HQ

We also have several volunteer opportunities in our San Diego office. These tasks range from out mailer projects, making phone calls, lawn sign building, and general office tasks. Normal office hours are from 10am-3pm Monday through Friday.
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Can’t volunteer? Contribute!