Yes on 6 – Gas Tax Repeal Announces Major Latino Group Endorsement, Spanish-Language Ads and Outreach

The campaign’s Latino Outreach Coalition begins statewide activism up and down California to ensure all voters know that Yes on 6 – Repeal the Gas Tax – will save working families $779/year

The Yes on 6 – Gas Tax Repeal announced a major endorsement from LAPA – the Latino American Political Association – and began outreach to Spanish-speaking voting families all throughout California with regional leaders. In addition, Spanish-language advertising will begin throughout California.

“LAPA is proud to get behind the Yes on 6 – Gas Tax Repeal campaign because we know that the Gas Tax is hurting Latinos and Spanish-speaking families across the state. By providing our endorsement and working to fight back, we’re helping to ensure that all families have a chance at success”, said Delores Chavez Harmes, President of LAPA, and chair of the Yes on 6 Latino Coalition.

“We’re honored to have the endorsement of LAPA for Yes on Prop 6 Gas Tax Repeal – and with their help launching our Latino Coalition and statewide Spanish-language ads, it ensures that every family will know that a Yes vote on Prop 6 will save their family hundreds per year by repealing the unfair and costly gas and car tax hikes,” said Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California and leader of the Yes on 6 – Gas Tax Repeal campaign.