Yes on 6 – Gas Tax Repeal Campaign Launches Statewide TV Ad “Voices of Struggling Californians”

Campaign launches “Voices of Struggling Californians” ad to ensure that California voters know a Yes vote on Prop 6 repeals the Gas Tax that will dramatically increase cost-of-living for California’s struggling families

The Yes on 6 – Gas Tax Repeal campaign today announced the first TV ad of the campaign. Entitled “Voices of Struggling Californians,” the ad highlights the impact the unfair and costly gas and car tax hikes that will cost the typical family $650-800 per year.

“This ad ensures that every family will know that a Yes vote on Prop 6 will save their family hundreds each year by repealing the unfair and costly gas and car taxes,” said Carl DeMaio, chairman of the Yes on 6 – Gas Tax Repeal campaign.

The launch of this ad comes just days after the campaign launched a bold new plan to create a “lockbox” for more road and insfrastructure funding than could be achieved with the gas tax alone (Background / LA Times)

Voice 1: I’m working two jobs and I’m still behind on bills
Voice 2: When I tell me kids “we can’t afford that,” I feel like I’m letting them down
Voice 3: The Sacramento politicians are just adding more burden, raising gas and car taxes
Voice 4: It cost my family over 700 dollars a year
Voice 5: …to cover their budget deficit – not to fix our roads
Voice 6: I’m losing hope — what can I do?

Vote yes. Vote yes. Vote Yes. Vote yes. Vote yes on Proposition 6 to repeal the unfair gas tax hikes.